Ever fascinated using
PCs without hands

Presenting you the all new Mouseware

Move your head

move your head

to move your mouse pointer

Do clicks with

click with foot

Foot-tap switch
Smile/Mouth Open detection


type with voice

with your voice


Perform all mouse operation

Operate your smartphones as well

Integrated Speech-to-Text engine & keyboard shortcuts

Extremely affordable

Universal Compatibility

Who'll use this?

Differently abled

Disability need not be an obstacle for using smart devices

Upper-limb fracture

Use computers even when your hands are fractured/injured

Chronic hand ailments

Alternative solution for workaholics suffering from CTS, Arthritis, etc.


Divulge into new dimension of gaming


Operate computers without pausing your primary task with other equipment.


Switch between slides with ease.

Hey Geeks! Not just them, but anyone who is exhausted of using traditional mouse, can try out Mouseware

What you get with Mouseware

  • Communicate and Socialize
  • Email, text-messaging, phone calls. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Bring out the ARTIST in you
  • Draw and Paint
    Edit photos and videos
    Compose Music
  • Entertainment and Games
  • Watch Movies, play games, and dig through the internet with ease.
  • Work and others
  • Use every software related to school and work with ease. Write documents with voice, Work with Excel sheets, Design using CAD without having to strain your hand.