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Mouseware is an affordable head-wearable device that enables hands-free operation of computers & smartphones

Mouseware helps you to operate smart devices with any operating system hands-free. This helps people with various conditions use computers without the need for a mouse or any pointing device. 
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About Us

Pravin Kumar

Founder & CEO

Creating technology to Access Technology

Dextroware Devices aspires to be a one-stop point for the development of affordable assistive technologies. We believe that Assistive technology is not just an aid for Persons with Disabilities(PwD), but a device or software that helps all people work around their own challenges. We want to innovate the highly-demanded consumer electronic products to make things much easier for people.

Every community has its fair share of obstacles and we focus on helping them solve them with the power of technology. We do this by taking the time to clearly understand their pain points and creating a solution that can cover most of them. 

Our vision is to make technology more accessible and affordable. We will cater to individual problems that a huge portion of society encounters on a regular basis and are often overlooked by large-scale industries that develop products for the majority. This is to be more inclusive of various financial, ethnic, and age groups. 
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