Users Speak

Dr. Nonita Gangwani

I'm now able to make PPT presentations & paintings too! This is the first time l was able to independently shop on Amazon & order food from Zomato

Anuj Arora

I have started to pen down my thoughts and feelings. I am back to reading some news and interesting articles which is really fulfilling. The journey of using this device has made me feel very empowered to say the least.

Donald Carroll

IT Employee
I'm able to continue with my job despite my hand injury with this affordable device. I was able to adopt this technology in a short span of time and now able to execute activities on my computer as before for my work.

Dr. Malavika lyer

Motivational Speaker
I have used my right stump to control smart devices. But over time, I started to develop shoulder pain. But this product allows me to use smart devices for long hours without strain! The voice feature is amazing for navigating through various programs. primarily use it to type emails, respond to messages, and write my scripts. Anyone with good stability in their neck can now use Mouseware

Preethi Srinivasan

Soulfree NGO Founder
This tech will enable the PwD to take up any kind of desk jobs with computer. My dream is to setup call center type of work environment enabled with Assistive Tech like this.


Enable India
This product's accuracy is simply excellent. The precision over the mouse cursor is great that I've not seen something similar anywhere else


Now I'm able to play games & watch cricket from my laptop or phone. I'm able to keep in touch with my friends through WhatsApp. This is tech is simply amazing!

Student From Vidyasagar (NGO)

I can use Mouseware to control AAC apps like Avaz & communicate with others.
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