Enable handsfree usage of Smart Devices

What our user has to say

  • Mouseware has significantly enhanced my ability to perform complex tasks on the computer. I can also participate in college club activities which earlier I was not able to


    MBA Aspirant
  • I am never going back to my old way of engaging with digital devices!

    Dr.Nonita Gangwani 

  • Prior I used to stay beside my daughter the full time she uses the laptop. Now I’m free to look after my work as well. Her mental & physical health has also now improved

    Dr.Nonita Gangwani's caretaker

Who can benefit from Mouseware

Neurological Disorder Diagnosed
Someone with Amputation
Wrist Amputation
Below elbow Amputation
Finger Amputation
Below shoulder Amputation
Upper-limb Injured
Finger Fracture
Mid-hand Fracture
Elbow dislocation
Shoulder dislocation
Upper-limb condition
Trigger Finger
Carpal tunnel Syndrome

Essential Bundle

Sensor Box

USB Stick

Dual Switch adapter

Head Strap

Mouseware Panel

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Available from March 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Mouseware for?

Mouseware is made for everyone who cannot or does not want to use the standard computer input devices.

What is Mouseware's compatibility?

Mouseware is compatible with most versions of the below devices:

- Desktops & Laptops (Windows, macOS, ChromeOS & Linux based systems)
- Smartphones & Tablets (iOS >13 & Android)
- Smart TVs
- Any smart device that runs an operating system (Windows, macOS & Linux) & accepts traditional mouse's input.

Do I need to install any drivers or software to get started?

Mouseware is a plug-and-play device and doesn’t require any drivers/software to be installed. Just plug the USB receiver into a USB port, turn on the power of the headgear and it works.

However, to execute voice commands, you would need to install our Mouseware Panel software that has many more exciting features as well.

How do I change the Mouse cursor speed?

The Mouseware Panel software has an option to change your cursor speed on a Windows computer and these settings are remembered until you change it. At this point, there is no support to change cursor speed on the macOS.

What are those switches and how can I use them to make mouse clicks?

Foot Switch: A switch option performing clicking actions via presses of your foot. It has a non-skid bottom to prevent moving around while pressing.

Universal Switch: A durable Switch option allowing the user to perform clicks by pressing the activation surface.

Can I use Mouseware without any physical switches?

You can use Mouseware with the Dwell click method present in the Mouseware Panel that comes as a part of the Essentials Bundle. Mouseware will track your head movements to move the cursor, while the software performs the clicks for you. 

For macOS, you can use the Switch Control panel under the Accessibility section in System Preferences. Switch Control panel will give you all commands you may need under the Pointer tab and you do not need to download any extra application.

For Linux, you can right-click by holding down the left mouse button. To enable this
1. Open the Activities overview and start typing Universal Access.
2. Click on Universal Access to open the panel.
3. Press Click Assist in the Pointing & Clicking section.
4. Switch Simulated Secondary Click to ON.
For Android, you can use your Android device’s built-in Accessibility feature. Select “Click after pointer stops moving” to use your device on dwell mode.

How to use Mouseware with smartphones & tablets?

Mouseware's USB stick is to be connected to the host smart device. As soon as it's automatically paired with Sensor Box, a mouse cursor appears on the screen.

How do I center the cursor on the screen?

Readjusting the mouse by pushing the mouse cursor off-screen is the standard way of repositioning the mouse cursor. If you notice your head is not in a comfortable position when the cursor is in the middle of the screen, turn your head so that the cursor moves to the edge of the screen and beyond. The amount of head movement needed depends on the mouse speed settings and you’ll quickly learn to reposition the cursor by experimenting. The repositioning movement corresponds to lifting and moving a table mouse when it is near a table edge. As the Mouseware doesn’t use a fixed reference point or position to operate, sometimes it is necessary to make the repositioning movement.

How do I scroll in Android?

You can use dedicated automatic scrolling software to scroll a window. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. For example, the following apps can be used:

- Automatic Scroll
- Tap Scroll