5 Things an Amputee Needs

Pravin Kumar

Amputees may require some additional assistance when it comes to daily tasks.

That's why we have curated a list of must-haves that we recommend to help ease their day.

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Great Support system

Caretakers play a huge role in an amputee's life. Having a trustworthy companion is super crucial.

Having someone to rely on is a necessity when it comes to people with disability. So, if you know a person with a disability, be there for them.

A Special Cell phone Holder

Mobile phones are great. You can make calls with them. Get any information you want on the fly. But an amputee needs a special cellphone holder to make their lives easier.

So we recommend you invest in an accessible cell phone holder.


Mobile phones and smart gadgets have become like an organ. They are a part of everything you do, thanks to the innumerable features it offers.

But using them can be a little straining for amputees. That is why, Mouseware is a device that should be invested in.


It's not always possible for PWDs to rely on someone to do any task that requires simple upper limb movement.

Using a prosthetic hand makes a huge difference, with this.

We recommend you check out Grippy from Robobionics here: https://robobionics.in

Assistive Oral Care Device

Another product that is worth the investment simply because it gives a sense of freedom, is an Assistive Oral Care Device that can make your mornings easier.

We recommend Sociodent for this.

Check them out here: https://sociodent.in

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