Dextroware Newsletter - November, 2021

Pravin Kumar
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Hello there {{contact.first_name}},

Before talking to you about our product Mouseware, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Rahul Baghel. Rahul is a bilateral amputee, who was finding it extremely difficult to make use of his computer for college-related tasks. Although he was a smart student, his disability restricted him from performing well in examinations. This took a toll on Rahul, as he could not answer questions that he knew the answers to in the given time due to limited control over the mouse cursor.

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And, Rahul is not the only one encountering this obstacle. Meet Dr.Nonita Gangwani, a lecturer and Ph.D. Scholar. Dr.Nonita was tackling Multiple Sclerosis, which made it hard for her to use smart devices. As a result, Nonita had to use the tip of her nose as a replacement to operate her smartphone. This method was not very effective for her, since she had to get too close to the mobile screen at all times. But Dr.Nonita continued to operate her phone in the same manner because she thought it was the only way.

Was it though? We’ll get to that in a bit.

But First.

Do you want to know what is common between these two people?

Their passion and determination to succeed despite all odds.

What’s unfortunate in both these cases is that Rahul and Nonita are strong-willed individuals and yet they have to face so many challenges for something that is not their fault. People with great skills and knowledge should never be made to settle for something less than what they deserve, irrespective of their cultural backgrounds or disability.

Using our expertise and understanding of assistive technology, we wanted to develop a solution that could aid people in operating smart devices hands-free.

And Voila! Our brainchild 'Mouseware' is here.

"Mouseware is a hands-free solution that allows users to operate smart devices like mobile phones, PCs, Laptops, and TVs without any physical touch. Its headband-like structure suits people of all types and the small sensor box attached to it helps control the mouse cursor with just head movements"

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To check its efficiency in real-time, we at Dextroware Devices had Rahul and Dr. Nonita use Mouseware in real-time. What we found out in return was astonishing;

Benefits after using mouseware

Hearing their feedback was so warm and encouraging. It made us realize that we were on the right track to achieve our vision.

And guess what?

You can be one to get your hands on our specially designed Mouseware.

That’s right. We are now open for pre-orders to help people make the best use of their smart devices.

For orders and more information, check out our website belowPre Order Mouseware

With warm regards

Pravin Kumar & Team

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