Dextroware Newsletter - October, 2021

Pravin Kumar


Did you know that in India, about 40,000 people/year lose the functionality of their upper limbs? Unfortunately, around 85% of them continue to live without any solution or aid. they belong to middle and lower-middle-income families, which cannot afford any hi-tech assistive devices.

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Although several developments have come about in the healthcare industry in the last few years, the cost of assistive solutions continues to be a major concern for most people. Prosthetics can cost anywhere between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 15,00,000, which often results in years of debt for the family.

Unfortunately, even the job market is not in their favor either. Most high-paying jobs require candidates to be well-equipped with digital smart devices such as Personal Computers and Mobile Phones.

So even if the candidate has the right qualifications, their inability or struggles to use digital devices stop them from getting employed by their dream company.

But is it fair for someone to be deprived of equal opportunities due to their disability?

No, of course not!

Hi, I am Pravin Kumar and I am the founder of Dextroware Devices.

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When I came across this scenario, I knew that there was something that I had to do for the community of upper limb disabled individuals and their caregivers.

Having completed my Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I decided to use my learnings and expertise to help those in need. I had already worked on a few projects that helped me gain the knowledge that was required. Using my skills and after various trials and errors, I came up with a possible solution that could help people with challenges overcome the only obstacle standing in their way of getting a job.

Welcome to Mouseware – our first assistive solution from Dextroware Devices

Dextroware Devices is a startup that aspires to ‘Create Technology to Access Technology’. We envision empowering differently-abled people across the world to lead more independent, meaningful, and connected lives through the use of simplistic, effective, and affordable assistive devices.

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With Mouseware, you can watch movies, make presentations, attend meets, explore the net and even chat with your friends. 


Our first product ‘Mouseware’ is being built exclusively for the people who cannot use their hands to operate computers & smartphones. It's simply a headgear that enables the hands-free operation of computers, thus allowing users to control our PCs and smart devices with simple head movements. There are multiple clicking options available and the user is free to choose anyone depending on his/her comfortability. And what not? This system is also enabled with voice typing facilitated through an enhanced speech-to-text engine which can bring the entire control of your device just under your voice.

And what’s the best part? 

The same device can be used to operate not just your computer, but even to operate your smartphone, tablets, even your Smart TVs working on Android or iOS platforms Unlike those super expensive assistive devices, Mouseware is made to be cost-effective, keeping families of all economic backgrounds in mind. 

If you would like to know more about us or what we do, feel free to check out our website. Visit our Website

Kindly share with your network and let people know hand injuries or disabilities are no longer a hindrance to access technology! 

We are currently accepting Pre-Orders! Pre Order Now

Looking forward to your love and support for this venture of ours.

That's a wrap for this update. Do write in with any suggestions or comments - we always love to hear from you!

With Warm Regards, 

Pravin Kumar & Team

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