10 Amazing Benefits of Using a Head Mouse

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In this article, we will discuss some of the many benefits that a head mouse like Mouseware can offer for those who need it.

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What Is a Head Mouse?

A head mouse is a type of mouse where the user controls the cursor by moving their head. It makes use of head movements as cursor commands. Since the traditional computer mouse is only suitable for operation using hands, a head-controlled mouse can be considered a great alternate for people who are unable to use their upper limbs. In short, it is more convenient for people with limited mobility to use this instead of a conventional mouse.

And one such device is Mouseware.

Head mouse - Assistive technology
Major features of Head Mouse from Dextroware devices called "Mouseware"

For the mouse click, mouseware uses a switch that can be connected to the USB stick provided with mouseware. Older technology used a combination of webcam and face tracking software to perform the mouse actions. However, this technology is outdated and had many flaws such as not being able to track the head movement in a less than ideal lighting condition.

Advantages Of A Head Mouse?

Although the conventional computer mouse is simple to use and pretty self-explanatory, this type of head mouse has more ergonomic benefits than the traditional non-head mouse. Let us see some of them listed below.

Helping people who primarily work with computer mouse & Keyboard:

One of the main advantages of using a device like Mouseware is that your arm and hand from wrist to fingertip are relaxed, providing total comfort for longer periods. Since the head mouse technology allows the user to move the mouse pointer with precision by following their head movements, users can relax their body and work at ease.

People with special needs especially people with carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral palsy muscular dystrophy, sclerosis, and als (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) can also benefit from this type of computer mouse since the head mouse eliminates the need for any movement of the hands.

Ease of use and flexibility:

Even though the term head mouse sounds a little too complex, it is one of the easiest-to-use devices out there. All you have to do is connect the mouse to the system, just like how you do it with a regular wireless mouse. Once that is done, you can start using the head mouse right away.

That is not all that can be done. The head-controlled mouse also offers a lot of flexibility for its users. Devices like Mouseware come with exclusive features that enable voice commands and multiple switch options for its users. These switch options such as dwell click and footswitch can be accessed by all.

Multiple click options:

Older technology used a combination of switches including a footswitch, universally switch, sip or puff switch. With mouseware, we also provide a footswitch and universal switch with the exception of a sip or puff switch.

The problem with the sip or puff switch is that there is a concern with the hygiene of the switch. The sip switch primarily works when the user sip(s) the switch. And with puff switch, the user blows the switch to perform the mouse click.

Along with the above-mentioned switch, we also provide dwell click with our proprietary software called "Mouseware panel". Which performs the click by hovering over the desired icon or menu.

Increasing Productivity:

While potentially reducing the overall workload, a head mouse option may actually increase productivity. For example, a screen reader can be used to control the mouse pointer with voice commands or Braille. Having the ability to communicate via voice and/or braille, while on a keyboard (i.e., Skype or JAWS) is important.

Another great feature that comes with the head mouse is that it effectively enables multitasking due to its hands-free approach. So the next time you want to attend that video conferencing call while cleaning or cooking, you would have it all covered.

With the inclusion of Voice typing with our mouseware panel. Users can now type an email(s), use Facebook to share posts, and send out messages to their loved ones.

Provides a sense of independence:

Needing additional help at all times can be a little exhausting and confidence-lowering. In order to have a sense of great self-esteem, it is essential to be able to take care of our tasks by ourselves, as much as possible.

Having a head-controlled device like Mouseware enables independence for people who may otherwise be unable to operate regular computer screen functions independently. This can minimize risks and lowers costs associated with medical care or rehabilitation by allowing individuals greater accessibility within their homes.

Portable and Adaptable:

For any type of assistive technology, it needs to be portable for it to be used whenever and wherever the user goes. Head mouse and similar assistive technology like quha zono are often small and portable. Wireless Computer sensor(s), especially Mousware, are designed to be worn on the head easily to be used like any other device like a computer mouse or a joystick.

Mouseware is also adaptable, based on the computer’s operating system and software including Microsoft windows. Users don’t have to worry about any sort of compatibility issues, as the device has been built to adapt to any system.

Headmouse for People with Disability:

Apart from the fact that it is a more comfortable and less tiring way to work with computers, another major advantage of using a head mouse over a traditional one is its accessibility. Anyone who suffers from some form of disability can take benefit from this type of assistive mouse or head mouse as it does not rely on hand movement as other mice do.

With proper integration, people can also work on their windows computer to control their thermostat, write documents, send out emails using the head mouse as a primary input device without the use of their hands.

Head Mouse is ideal for people who are currently using a standard computer mouse, keyboard, or a Virtual keyboard to control their Tablet, Laptop, or their TV for clicking and other types of Cursor and mouse pointer movements.


In conclusion, this head mouse is a great alternative to the traditional trackpad or joystick which requires hand movements. The device has numerous benefits from being more ergonomic to aiding people who have physical disabilities or assistive mouse. This provides not only less strain on your hands, but also increased comfort for your neck, back, and shoulders by only relying on the user's head movement and provides truly a hands-free access.

So if you are considering purchasing a head mouse for yourself or someone you know who has a hand or arm difficulty that makes it difficult to use a traditional mouse, consider this head mouse alternative ‘Mouseware’.

To know more, check out our website.

You can also place pre-orders through our website if you or someone you know will highly benefit from this. 

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