7 Best Hands Free Mouse for the Disabled

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Hands free mouse have emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way individuals with physical disabilities interact with computers. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive guide to hands-free mouse or assistive technology, shedding light on their functionality, types, and the best products available in the market. 

This article is the result of extensive research, involving a deep dive into the top pages of Google's search engine results, product reviews, and expert opinions from our organisation. 

What is a Hands Free Mouse?

A hands-free mouse is a specialized device designed to provide an alternative to the traditional computer mouse, enabling individuals who may not have control over their hands to use a computer mouse. These devices come in various forms and use different technologies, but their primary function remains the same: to translate the user's movements or actions into cursor movements on the screen. Some hands free mouse use a webcam to track the user's head movements.

These assistive technologies are part of a broader category of assistive technology aimed at making computers more accessible to people with disabilities, specifically addressing the needs of the user. 

They can be life-changing tools, providing a level of independence that might not be possible with standard computer peripherals. Whether it's browsing the web, sending an email, or creating a digital masterpiece, a hands-free mouse opens up a world of possibilities for those who might otherwise struggle with computer usage.

The beauty of a hands-free mouse lies in its adaptability. Depending on the type, it can be controlled by various body movements such as head or eye movements, or even by speech. 

This flexibility allows for customization based on the user's abilities and preferences, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their physical condition, can have access to the digital world, and not only hands free mouse, but individuals around the world also have hands free keyboards.

Best of the Best Hands Free Mouse

In the realm of hands-free mouse devices, Mouseware stands out as the ultimate choice. 

This innovative product, designed by Dextroware Devices, offers an all-inclusive kit that facilitates hands free operation of computers and other smart devices. 

Mouseware is not just about moving the cursor; it's a comprehensive solution that integrates head movement tracking, voice commands, and customizable switches to provide a seamless user experience.

Types of Hands Free mouse:

Hands-free mouse come in a variety of forms, each designed to cater to different needs and abilities. Here's a breakdown of the main types, including trackball.

Wearable Hands Free mouse:

These assistive technologies are worn on the user's body, often on the head, and track slight head movements to control the cursor or mouse click. 

Mouseware is an example of wearable hands free mouse that utilizes a head movement to cursor inputs. This is ideal for users who have good control over their head movements.Check out more about Mouseware and Some of their user stories to learn more.

Lip/Chin Joysticks:

Image Courtesy from IntegraMouse

These devices are controlled by the user's lip or chin movements. They are typically mounted on a flexible arm that can be adjusted to the user's comfort. 

Products like the IntegraMouse+, Jouse3, QuadJoy, BJOY Chin, and TetraMouse XA2 fall into this category. These devices are particularly useful for individuals with limited upper body mobility but who can control their facial movements.

Reflective Dot Trackers:

Image Courtesy from HeadMouse Nano

These systems use a camera to track a reflective dot worn by the user, translating its movement into cursor control. They are compatible with various operating technologies, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, providing a versatile solution for many users.

The TrackerPro 2 and HeadMouse Nano are examples of different options for this type of hands-free mouse. They offer precise control and can be used with any software that accepts mouse input.

Face Trackers:

Image Courtesy from Smyle Mouse

These assistive technologies use a camera to track the user's facial movements, translating them into cursor control through a left click. 

Products like the Sesame Enable, SmyleMouse, ViVo Mouse, Camera Mouse, Enable Viacam, and iTracker fall into this category. 

They are particularly useful for individuals who have good control over their facial movements.

Eye Movement Trackers:

 Image Courtesy from Tobii

These devices use sophisticated technology to track the user's eye movements, translating them into cursor control. 

The PCEye Plus, PCEye Mini, Tobii 4C, and IrisBond Duo are examples of eye movement trackers. 

They offer a high level of precision and are ideal for users who have good control over their eye movements.

Speech Recognition Systems:

Image Courtesy from Dragon Naturally Speaking

These systems allow the user to control the cursor through voice commands. Dragon Home, Windows Speech Recognition, and Mac OS X Voice Control are examples of speech recognition systems. They are particularly useful for individuals who have good vocal control but limited mobility.

Each type of hands free mouse has its unique advantages and is designed to cater to different needs and abilities. The key is to find the one that best suits the user's specific situation and comfort level.

The below chart helps you to find the best hands free mouse

ProductTypeKey FeaturesScore
MousewareWearable Hands Free MousePros: 
Plug & Play
Multiple OS Support
Works in Dark Environment
90+ Hours Battery Life
Simple Learning Curve

Need Proper head movement
GlassOuseWearable Hands Free MousePros: 
Excellent Build Quality
Long Battery Life
Multiple OS Support

Feels Heavy
Need Bluetooth Enabled Device
IntegraMouse+Lip/Chin JoystickPros: 
Built in Sip and Puff Switches
Adjustable Mouth Piece

Ideal only for Quadriplegic
Really Expensive
High Learning Curve
Jouse3Lip/Chin JoystickPros: 
Requires minimal movement
No External power required

Still very Expensive
Limited Compatibility
Complex Learning Curve
HeadMouse NanoReflective Dot TrackerPros: 
Universal Compatability
Wireless connectivity
Plug & Play

Always Requires Target Dot 
Limited Compatability
Complex Learning Curve
Tracker Pro 2Reflective Dot TrackerPros: 
Precise Cursor Control
Wide Range of Compatibility
Ease of Use

Doesn’t work in Dark Environments 
Device Limitations
Switches not included
Smyle MouseFace TrackerPros: 
Software Based
Accessible to Various Condition
Ease of Set up

Dependence on Webcam 
Limited to Facial Gestures
Learning Curve
Vivo MouseFace TrackerPros: 
Integrated Voice Commands
Multiple available Versions

Dependence on Webcam 
Product Complexity while purchasing
Learning Curve
Tobii 4CEye Movement TrackerPros: 
Affordable Eye Tracker
EyeChip Technology
The Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software
Compact and lightweight

Less Comprehensive Support
Screen Size Limitation
No Head Tracking
Eyegaze EdgeEye Movement TrackerPros: 
Easy Setup and Calibration
Customizable Gaze Duration
Accurate Eye Tracking

Physical Fatigue
High Cost
High Learning curve
Dragon Naturally SpeakingSpeech RecognitionPros: 
Accurate Speech Recognition
Custom Commands
Improved Productivity compared to mouse

Major Initial Setup
Ambient Noise
Vocabulary Limitations
Hardware Requirements
Windows Speech RecognitionSpeech RecognitionPros: 
Built in Software for Windows
Keyboard Shortcuts:

Accuracy and Corrections
Background Noise
Limited Natural Language Understanding

Our Best Pick

After extensive research and comparison, we've selected a top pick from each category of hands free mouse. These selections are based on their features, functionality, compatibility, and user reviews. 

Best Wearable Hands Free Mouse:

When it comes to wearable hands free mouse, our top pick is the 'Mouseware'. 

This head wearable mouse stands out for its exceptional functionality, ease of use, and compatibility. 

It's designed to provide a seamless and intuitive experience, allowing users to control their computer cursor with simple head movements. 

The device is lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it suitable for extended use, whether connected via USB to a laptop or used wirelessly with Bluetooth on Android devices and tablets.

The Mouseware' is compatible with a wide range of systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. This broad compatibility ensures that users can benefit from its features, regardless of their preferred platform. 

Furthermore, it offers adjustable sensitivity and customizable settings, allowing users to tailor the device to their specific needs and preferences. 

Best Lip/Chin Joystick:

The Best Lip/Chin Joystick is the IntegraMouse+

It is a remarkable assistive device renowned for its cutting-edge wireless design and innovative built-in sip-and-puff switches. 

Specifically designed to cater to the needs of individuals with limited upper body mobility, this device proves to be a game-changer for those with excellent control over their facial movements.

Offering seamless wireless functionality via Bluetooth connectivity. Its advanced sensor technology ensures precise and intuitive cursor control across various platforms, including Android devices and tablets. 

Best Reflective Dot Tracker:

The Best Reflective Dot Tracker is HeadMouse Nano

With its wireless design and exceptional precision, the HeadMouse Nano proves to be a fantastic choice for users seeking a wearable device. 

This innovative tool allows for precise cursor control and functions seamlessly works with any software that accepts mouse input, making it compatible with tablets, laptops, and other devices through Bluetooth or USB connectivity. 

Whether individuals have limited upper body mobility or prefer a hands free approach, the HeadMouse Nano provides a reliable and intuitive solution.

Its wireless capabilities grant users increased freedom of movement, and its compatibility with various software applications ensures a smooth user experience across different tasks and activities. 

By offering a wearable and efficient solution, the HeadMouse Nano empowers users to interact with technology more whether connected via USB or Bluetooth enhancing users’ ability to control the digital world.

Best Face Tracker:

The Best Face Tracker is the Smyle Mouse

This ergonomic head mouse software offers hands-free computer control using only a webcam, making it an invaluable tool for individuals with hand disabilities such as Carpal Tunnel, Multiple Sclerosis, and Spinal Cord Injuries. 

The patented technology behind Smyle Mouse allows users to move their mouse pointer by simply moving their head and to click by smiling, eliminating the need for wearables, sip/puff switches, or stickers on the face.

The Smyle Mouse is not just about functionality; it's about empowerment. Testimonials from users highlight its transformative impact, enabling them to regain productivity and independence. 

Incorporating ease of setup, flexibility, and a risk-free trial, the Smyle Mouse is designed for Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 and offers a comprehensive solution for those seeking to navigate the digital world hands-free.

Best Eye Movement Tracker:

The Tobii Tracker 4C is the best Eye Movement Tracker from our extensive research.

Developed by Tobii Gaming, a division of the Swedish technology firm Tobii, this device is designed for mainstream users, making high-quality eye tracking accessible at a lower cost. 

While it's not primarily marketed as an assistive technology, it can serve as a computer access solution for individuals with disabilities. However, it's essential to note that while the Tracker 4C offers many features at its €159 price point, it might not provide the same reliability as Tobii's more expensive Assistive Technology eye trackers.

One of the standout features of the Tracker 4C is the inclusion of the EyeChip. This chip processes most of the data before sending it to the computer, resulting in significantly reduced data transfer rates and CPU load. 

This efficiency allows the Tracker 4C to operate smoothly even on older USB 2 connections and ensures compatibility with most computers, including budget ones. Performance-wise, the Tracker 4C surpasses its predecessor, the Tobii Eye X, in several areas, including frequency, operating distance, and maximum screen size.

Best Speech Recognition System:

Dragon Naturally Speaking is the Best Speech recognition system for the disabled. 

It offers a remarkable feature that allows full mouse control through intuitive voice commands, making it an excellent choice for individuals who have good vocal control but limited mobility. 

Using advanced sensor technology, users can effortlessly navigate through computer tasks, access applications, and browse the internet, including sending and managing emails with ease. 

This functionality grants users the ability to stay connected and productive through email communication without relying on manual mouse input. The Dragon Home system empowers users with enhanced accessibility, fostering independence, and ensuring seamless interaction with their digital world, ultimately improving their overall computing experience and quality of life.

Remember, the best hands free mouse for you or your loved one will depend on individual needs, abilities, and comfort levels. It's always a good idea to consult with an occupational therapist or assistive technology professional when making your choice.


Navigating the digital world should be an accessible experience for everyone, regardless of physical abilities. Hands free mouse have opened up a world of possibilities, enabling individuals with various physical disabilities to interact with computers in ways that were once unimaginable.

In this guide, we've explored the different types of hands-free mouse or assistive technology, from lip/chin joysticks and wearable hands-free mouse to eye movement trackers and speech recognition systems. Each type of mouse offers unique advantages and caters to different needs and abilities. Our top picks in each category, such as the IntegraMouse+ for lip/chin joysticks and Mouseware for wearable hands-free mouse, are based on their features, functionality, compatibility, and user reviews from around the world. 

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